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What you'll need to start your cloth nappy journey

Cloth nappies have come a long way since the terry cloth and safety pin era! They are now a lot more practical and easy-to-use; providing a great value for money alternative to disposable nappies. In addition, they are gentler to your baby's skin and kinder to the planet.

Switching to reusables can feel daunting and if that's the case, we recommend using a combination of reusable and disposable nappies whilst you find your feet.

So what will you need to switch to using cloth nappies:

  • Nappies - for a new baby, we recommend 15-20 nappies.
  • Bucket or Wet Bag - a lidded bucket for keeping dirty nappies, lined with a mesh wash bag or an XL washable nappy wet bag. Many of these wet bags come with a handle for hanging on door handles or changing tables.
  • Liners - nappy liners for catching the worst of it! The best on the market are flushable and/or biodegradable; or alternatively you can get reusable microfibre liners too.
  • Boosters - these can provide an additional layer of protection for heavy wetters and/or night time.
  • Wipes - washable wipes provide a great alternative to disposable ones and are gentler on baby bottoms! Check out our Tots Bots reusable wipes.
  • Wet Bag - for storing dirty nappies when you are out and about. You can buy large bags or smaller individual reusable nappy sacks online.

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