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Ditch the plastic wrap

So, most of us have cling film lurking somewhere in our kitchen. Whether we're guilty of using it to wrap leftovers or sandwiches; it is a single use plastic, that leaches harmful chemicals onto our food and is virtually impossible to recycle! (Due to the chemicals and resins in the plastic, which are tricky to separate).

Whilst in my experience, it tears and stretches in all the wrong places, it's actually pretty tough, taking hundreds of years to degrade and eventually breaking down into harmful microplastics that pollute our water systems :(

It's high time we found a better option, don't you think? The good news is there are plenty of great alternatives out there:

  • Beeswax wraps - this colourful option can be moulded around your sandwiches or cheese for example, and stays put due to the beeswax or plant wax coating. There are two options available - beeswax or vegan, which uses a plant wax alternative.
  •  Bowl covers - these are a great option for covering bowls with leftovers, salads etc. They are available in silicone or cotton. The silicone ones tend to be airtight, whereas the cotton version lets the food breathe. The silicone lids can be hand washed and are dishwasher safe. The cotton covers are machine washable.
  • Silicone wraps - these are a great alternative if your container isn't round, as they fit over most shapes and sizes! Again these can be washed by hand or popped in the dishwasher.
  • Use a plate! A simple, yet effective solution to covering leftovers in a bowl.
  • Buy local. Many local butchers, fish mongers and grocers don't wrap their produce in unnecessary plastic wrap - hurrah! So take your own reusable containers / bags and shop away, feeling like a very smug human being indeed.

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