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Bee More Sustainable

Cling film - it’s a single use plastic, which can leach nasty chemicals into your food and generally cannot be recycled. Do you need anymore reason to stop using it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Have you seen our fab food wraps from The Beeswax Wrap Company? They come in an array of gorgeous designs, available in beeswax and vegan alternative. Handmade in the UK, these wraps are:

* 100% natural - Compared to cling film, the wraps are all natural so no nasties will leach into your food whilst its being stored

* Keep your food super fresh - The combination of natural ingredients with the organic cotton fabric allows the wraps to breathe, making sure your food stays fresh for longer. You will find that when wrapped in the Beeswax Wraps you will get 3-4 more days out of your loaf of bread, your greens and herbs will stay nice and crunchy for at least a week and your sandwiches won’t be all sweaty when you unwrap them come lunch time

* Clingy but in a good way - Pine resin gives the wraps a natural adhesive making sure your food is sealed tight, the warmth from your hands helps mould the wraps to give a strong seal. And they really do stay sticky even after you have used and washed them over and over again

* Reusable - Rather than using cling film or foil that you throw away after one use, the reusable food wraps can simply be washed in cold water with a little bit of soap and they are ready to roll again. After a 2-3 months just refresh them and whoop whoop off you go again

* Biodegradable - Once you have used your wrap to the max you can pop it on your compost or you can twist up and use as a firelighter 🍃🔥 

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