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A Zero Waste Bathroom - Are You Up For The Challenge?

Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants on earth. Our bathrooms are littered with the stuff. 
Did you know as little as 9% of the plastic we put in recycling bins is actually recycled? So what happens to the rest of it? In the UK, like most developing countries, we actually produce more plastic waste than we can possibly home. As a result, much of this waste is actually shipped off to developing countries which perpetuates the problem. 

Many of these countries often can’t cope with the volume of waste being imported, nor do they have the regulations or infrastructure to support effective waste management. 

As an individual, you can make a difference by choosing plastic free, eco-friendly products. Here are some of the swaps you can make in the bathroom:

  • Switch from a disposable razor to a safety razor
  • Use soap bars rather than shower gel
  • Use shampoo and conditioner bars over bottled stuff
  • Replace plastic toothbrushes with a bamboo version
  • Swap plastic cotton buds for bamboo / paper 
  • Switch to a plastic free toothpaste 
  • Try an all natural plastic free deodorant 
  • Swap plastic floss for an eco-friendly option.

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